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General Meeting Thursday February 27th 2020
Refreshments served from 7.15pm


7.30         Introductions
7.35         Guest speaker:

Giles Perkins, WSP’s Head of Future Mobility in the UK (and Devon resident) will talk about the technology and service changes that are happening across the transport sector with a particular focus on the potential for future mobility solutions to make a real difference to life in our rural communities.

8.05       Questions
8.20       Short break
8.30       Report back on recent meeting with MPs  HS et al
8.40      BHPN and a Rural Strategy to embrace work groups, web based advice in future and case studies;  ideas for what parishes can do now to help mitigate climate emergency
8.50       Feedback from mtg  26/2/2020 with DCMS Minister Matt Warman
9.00       Self help opportunities to share with other parishes
9.10       Feedback &  Discussion from audience,  close at 9.30