Wellington Without Parish

Blackdown Hills Online is a website for all residents and visitors to the Blackdowns Hills.

The Parish Council meets at the Beambridge on the second Monday of each month at 7.00 pm.

Welcome to the first ever online presence of Wellington Without Parish Council. Our purpose and aims in introducing this are:

  • To provide information to the Parish that improves on the depth and immediacy of that currently available.
  • To encourage feedback so that the site can evolve and develop in response to the changing needs of the community.

Online communication allows large amounts of information to be circulated at great speed to a wide audience and this is an important step toward improving the engagement for the Parish Council with the community.

We would encourage the committed web user to support those who may have doubt and concern so that they also have the opportunity to become fully involved.

Please let us have your thoughts, comments and also encourage everyone else to do the same. We look forward to hearing from you.

All monthly meetings are open to the public with the opportunity for Parishioners to speak regarding any issue. We would welcome any parishioners who want to attend.

The council members and their contact details are as follows:

John Greenshields – Chair – 01823 660 764

Ian Hasell – Councillor – 01823 672 264

Peter Scott-Allen – Councillor – 01823 673036

Roger Lane – Deputy Chair – 01823 662 717

Bonnie Frear – Councillor – 01823 665 686

Jonathan Fraser – Councillor – 07715 493572

Neil Dalton – Parish Clerk – 01823 665 649

Lawrence Webber – Footpath Warden

Taunton Deane Ward Councillor: Chris Hill

Somerset County Councillor: James Hunt

Policing Team – PCSO Sharon Cridlin 07889 655302 [email protected]

PC Joanne Jeffery 07889 657943/ PCSO Louise Fyne 07889 659476

And remember, if no one is immediately available dial 101 for non emergency calls