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Project Gigabit and CDS – The BHPN refutes the claim that CDS is fully committed to supporting better connectivity for all communities in the region.

Devon & Somerset, through Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS),  have been excluded from a £5B government funded infrastructure project to get gigabit capable fibre broadband to every home and business in the country. Your parish council can help get this state of affairs reversed – it is not too late but the window of opportunity to achieve this will not last long. The BHPN is asking for help from every parish council by emailing/writing to your MPs, County Councillors and District Councillors asking them to get Devon & Somerset included in Project Gigabit before 2025.

At an online Zoom conference on Friday May 14 the BHPN’s Graham Long, expert interpreter of broadband fact and fiction gave a very clear presentation  to an audience of residents, parish clerks and chairs, District and County Councillors from both counties.  The meeting was recorded and is available to download and watch.

As BHPN chair Heather Stallard wrote in the invitation to the meeting, ‘ This is unbelievable. Who turns down government investment for something as critical as this? Young and old, farmers  and schoolchildren, doctors and teachers all need good internet.’

Add your voice to the petition to get this decision reviewed urgently, there is no time to waste.