Parish Network general information

Constitution and meeting minutes

Minutes of General Meetings


Amended 22 JUNE 2016


1           The Group shall be known as Blackdown Hills Parish Network.


2           The Network is established to act for the benefit of all parishes within and adjoining the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

3           In doing this the Network will:

  • collaborate to use funding opportunities for mutual support, either as a whole or in smaller partnerships to take forward projects as appropriate.
  • as a stakeholder to work with the AONB Partnership, other organisations (private, statutory and voluntary) and with individuals to achieve agreed aims across county, parish and district boundaries.
  • prepare an annual report of activities available to all parishes.

4           Membership of the Network is open to all parishes with a whole or partial footprint within the Blackdown Hills AONB boundary.

5           Each parish represented at a BHPN meeting shall have one vote.

Meetings of the Network

6           The Network shall hold as many meetings as necessary to progress its objectives

7           Six weeks notice of meetings shall be given to parishes by communication with Parish Council clerks and chairpersons.

8           Network meetings shall be deemed quorate when five or more parishes are represented and decisions shall be made by majority vote of those present.

9           Minutes of all meetings shall be kept.

10         An Annual General Meeting  shall be held each Spring when a report of the Network’s activities will be made and audited accounts presented.  Agenda items for the AGM shall be invited with notice given as per item 7.
The Network shall elect a steering group and chairman at the AGM.
11         A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the elected steering group or by request from a minimum of five member parishes.

The Constitution

12         The Constitution may be amended at an AGM or SGM, with notice given as per item 7.

13         The Network  will appoint a Co-ordinator to act as Secretary and Treasurer to the Network.  It is the duty of the Co-ordinator to draw up Network meeting  agendas with the Chairperson and to keep minutes.

14         There shall be three signatories for the BHPN Bank Account including the Co-ordinator, the Chairperson and one other member of the steering group.   All financial transactions must carry two signatures.

15         A meeting of the membership shall decide by a majority vote at an AGM or SGM to dissolve the Network.

16         All funds remaining in the account (subject to all debts being cleared) shall be distributed  pro rata in accordance with contributions previously received from parishes since the inception of the Blackdown Hills Parish Network.


Adopted July 2016

1.       All parishes with a footprint wholly or partially within the boundaries of the Blackdowns Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (BH AONB) may send representatives to General Meetings of the BHPN.

2.       All BHPN parishes may apply to become full members of the Network.

3.       Full Membership is confirmed by an annual subscription to the Network (requested in the autumn of the current financial year).  The subscription covers administrative costs, website upkeep and incidental meeting expenses.  Surplus monies are reserved for supporting actions agreed by the Steering Group with reference to the membership at General meetings

4.       The recommended contribution is 20-25p per electoral roll member in each parish.

5.       Communication with all parishes, whether subscribing members or not, is via the Parish Clerk or Chair of the Parish Meeting.  Parish Councils are requested to nominate a councillor or another parishioner to represent the parish at meetings.

6.       As a stake holder of the BH AONB, the BHPN is invited to elect representatives to that Management group from time to time.

7.        Any parish may nominate representatives, subscribing parishes are entitled to vote in the event of any relevant election.

8.       Membership of the three working groups under the broad headings of Communications ( Comms), Traffic, transport and Highways (TTH) and Planning and Housing ( P&H) is open to BHPN parishioners.

Membership of the BHPN entitles parishes to the following:

1.       Nomination of representatives to the Steering Group

2.       Representation at General meetings (twice a year) and the right to vote at such meetings.

3.       Consultation regarding matters of importance to the BH AONB community.

4.       Parish Clerks are invited to ensure that such BHPN matters are included in Council agendas for discussion when requested.

5.       The website is available for use by AONB parishes without their own website.